Why do Godrej Maxximilk's cows have such superior genetic qualities?

At Godrej Maxximilk we invest time and energy in procuring the best donors available from all around India. These donor animals are acclimatized to local conditions better than imported animals and exhibit a range of desired traits that would benefit dairy farmers: longevity, persistence, high and rich milk yield, disease resistance.

About the donors

We monitor the performance of our animals on a daily basis using progressive state of the art software: milk production, animal health, treatments, fertility, calves born, genetic lines, milk quality and much more. Furthermore, we keep full records of all our breeding events to allow our customers fully traceable and reliable information.

About the sires

The bulls are selected for their ability to transmit outstanding genetic characteristics for highest yields of milk and milk components, excellent fertility, longevity, and for the production of cows with exceptionally healthy udder characteristics.