At Godrej Maxximilk we are constantly searching for dedicated cow-passionate team members to join our growing enterprise:


Animal Health
MVSc, BVSc, Breeding technicians

Responsible for overall herd health and reproduction

  • Previous experience in oocyte aspiration and embryo transfer

  • Preventative medicine programs

  • Diagnosis and treatment

  • Sample collection

  • Nutrition

IVF Laboratory
MVSc, BVSc, MSc Biology

Responsible for operation of IVF laboratory and health team assistance

  • Previous experience in IVF laboratory and germplasm handling

  • Laboratory maintenance

  • Herd management software

  • Diagnostic lab procedures

Herd Management
LSS, LI, DVSc, LSA, BRS-Animal husbandry

Responsible for animal husbandry, maintenance of the facility and equipment

  • Previous hands-on farming experience and technical knowledge of dairy farming

  • Day to day operations: feeding, milking, reproduction

  • Calving and new-born rearing

  • Hoof trimming